Rubie´s Jango helmet converted to Boba

The Phoenix

New Hunter
Hi. Here I am after a long time of hard work. I tried to find a good helmet but here in Spain is difficult, so I started with a Rubie´s Jango to make the experiment. I reshape it, reforced with fiberglass, replaced the visor, modified the right ear and make the right cheek piece and the dent (very hard job, I don´t recommend it). After all here are a few pics. Now I´m working on the damage and weathering, so it´s not finished (the visor is still protected with tape). When I finish it I will post some pics with better quality.
Wow...I must say you are doing an excellent job for using a Jango Rubies. You still have some work to do...but when complete I'm sure it will look fantastic! Keep us posted on your progress and keep those pics coming.
i did teh same thing, so i was surprised and glad to see i wasn;t the only oen doing this. I don't think many people do this. But i strongly believe teh Rubies Jango is a better shaped helmet for either Jango or Boba then teh Rubies Boba helmet.

The ear-piece was a pain, but i didnt completly redid it, moved it up, sawed soem of. Only thing that i had to make form scratch was teh piece below teh antenna holder... if you know what i mean.

came out like this, id like to see yours... we kind of share a connection here 8P

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