Rub n' Buff?


I am starting my research on building a Jango Fett. I have seen several referances to this when talking about pianting the helm and armor piece. I was wondering if this was a product or a technique. If it is a product, could someone do me a favor and link a source or manufacture info. If it is a technique, I wonder if anyone has a tutorial on it.
How would you seal this stuff after you get it all nice and shiney. I would like to make sure that the base "paint" job is protected before I start weathering.
tk-938 said:
How would you seal this stuff after you get it all nice and shiney.

Don't know, I asked that one once but no-one replied :cry
I have not done it to mine yet but on a tester piece of plastic it seemed to dry quite well with only a tiny bit appearing on my fingertips after rubbing it maybe a week later.
I do not intend to wear my costume so I may not bother sealing it.
Firstly, Rub n Buff is a wax, not a paint. Don't seal it, you'll end up dulling it. The first key to Rub n Buff is a smooth primered surface (the smoother the better). Wet sand it until its so smooth you could eat off of it. The second key to rub n buff is the buffing part. You gotta buff it really hard with your bare hand. Apply enough to cover the surface and spread it around then start immediately buffing with your hand until it feels like the skin is going to melt off. Rub n Buff will cure after a few days. However, it will rub off onto things until then. The reason Rub n Buff is preferable over the other methods is that it's silver (not chrome), it's very cheap, it's easy to use, and it produces excellent results when done properly.
I hope you guys are not going to dump me from the forum for being a clasic noob, but .....

Do you do rub-n-buff the whole helm and then paint it blues in?

What I trying to do is nail down the order of events, so I don't blow it.

1. get the helm
2. fill in any dents with bondo
3. cut out key holes
4. cut out "T" Visor
5. Wet sand (?)
6. Sandable Primer
7. wet sand (again?)
8. Rub-n-buff (The whole helm?)
9. Lt Blue Paint
10 drk Blue paint.
11 weather

Does that look about right? Is there extra steps, are they in the wrong order, or missing steps?
don't rub n buff the whole thing. On my helmet I did the rub n buff after I painted the colors on. That's because I didn't want to put tape on the rub n buff part, so I had to mask the helmet before rub n buffing. That's what I did, I don't know about others.
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