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I received my Denuo Novo Jango Fett Helmet yesterday. I was a little shocked on the turn around. I really wasn't expecting to have it in hand for another year. It does seem like they have their act together more then Anovos did. I took some comparison shots. BobaMaker is on the left and Denuo Novo is on the right.


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The padding on the inside is ok. I was hoping for more detail on the inside and a little bit bigger then the BobaMaker would of been nice. They also should of added the mesh in the rear. It is also lighter then the BobaMaker Helmet.
I don't have Bobamaker helmet yet but compared to a WastedFett helmet, this one is about twice the thickness. I like the weight. It feels like this is what a Mando helmet would weigh, but obviously that's just a personal headcanon thing. Of course the lighter one would technically be better for trooping.

Also, with WastedFett's helmet the tip of my nose presses up against the visor, with this one it doesn't. It doesn't even fog up surprisingly.

I'll give it to WF when it some to the polishing though as this one is a bit dull.

Speaking of dull, the blue paint on your looks glossier than mine


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Interesting. I was going to say maybe it was the light, but I think you are correct. Mine does seem to have a little more gloss to it.
Thanks for the comparison!

I would replace the mesh on both helmets. The type of mesh on the Bobamaker doesn't look right. It should be more like a window screen mesh.The Denuo Novo requires removing the fabric lining from the rear vents as well as adding the mesh. It really bothers me how the bottom of the ears are unpainted on the Denuo Novo.
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