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OK guys. I am trying to finish my armor before CIII and it needs to be repainted. I tried to use Rustoleum but it bacame too much of a mess. I want to try rub n buff and have tried all the local stores (Michael's, Home Depot, Walmart) and nobody knows what I'm taling about. Where can I get it? Is there a website?
I have seen it at Michaels and several art supply stores but you might want to also try using a spraypaint from Testors Model Masters Series that you can get at pretty much any hobby shop.
They work really good and are a laquer so they will not rub off like the rub and buff will have a tendancy to do.
I have used them a few times and have also used the rub and buff and would pretty much use this from now on for anything needing a metalic finish.
It comes in metalic colors ranging from gunmetal to high polish aluminum.
And basically, you can either begin working it while it is drying to get machining lines into it or when it is fully dry, buff it with a paper towel to a high lustre.
THe coat it with the top coat finishing spray and your good to go!
You know, I went to a Michaels in a neighboring town earlier this month and the ladies didn't know what Rub N Buff is, but the store had it. You're gonna have to do the ol' walk through each aisle and look up and down and back and forth until you find it. It's there. It comes in a small tube about 1 1/2" long. It's a wax type of stuff used for silver leafing ornaments and also comes in gold and bronze leaf colors as well. Perhaps ask them what isle their gold and silver leafing paints/waxes are. That should get you closer. Also if one lady doesn't know maybe another will. I haven't been to a Michael's that didn't have it. Good luck.
Every Michaels that I have been to has had Rub N' Buff.. I think Skalen Fehl is right that it is in the same aisle as the gold/silver leafing and antiquing material.. That is where I remember seeing it.
I would reccommend rub 'n' buff, if you know how to use it. I would reccommend something along the lines of priming the part you want to shine, then wet-sanding it with 600, then 800 grit sandpaper. For wet sanding, it tells you everything to do on the package of the sandpaper if it is the waterproof sandpaper. Then after you got it all nice and smooth, apply the rub n buff with the palm of your hand and buff really hard and fast until you feel it heating up, and when it gets hot enough it will sort of seal and you should feel the difference, but you have to get it nice and hot. This also does not require a lot of rub n buff, just spread it evenly. I hope this helps you out!

(Don't look at my armor for my costume and expect to see results of this meathod, because I found out about it after I had done nearly all the peices with 220 grit sandpaper.)
What he said. I like applying it with my finger tip so I only get just a tiny dab, as it goes a looong way. Then I spread it out as far as it will go then start the rubbing and then buffing. I actually use the outside of my palm, when I make a fist, the part where you do a "karate chop", lol. It's easier to apply more pressure for longer periods of time. That's just me, anyway.

But definitely make sure you have wet sanded the surface so it is nice and smooth, like a baby's bottom. You'll get the hang of it and probably develop your own technique. Everybody does it a little different but the principle is the same.
Thanks guys I went to Michaels and found the exact spot in. I guess it always helps to get some intel before you go and collect the bounty right?
Haha, I went to Michaels here and they had none. The aisle it was supposed to be in was full of different brands of copper and gold wax metallic finishes, but no silvers and no silver Rub 'N' buff. Anyone got any other suggestions of where I can find some of this stuff?
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