Rub-n-buff; seal or not?


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Just finished up my son's Jango armor and am worried about the Rub-n-buff rubbing off on car seats as well as wearing off all together. I know some apply various clear coats. What's the general con census; Seal or don't seal, and if you seal, what's best, Future?


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No, whatever you do, all conventional sealers/clear coats will completly ruin rub and buff. Your going to have to let it sit for a few days, untouched


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No, don't seal. If you're worried about it rubbing off, take a soft buffing cloth and buff all the armor really hard. That should help speed up the process. Then let it sit for a week and it won't be a problem after that.


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being wax based you can seel it becouse nothing will grip to it youve got to rub it quite vigorously to heat up the wax once you get to the right point it should be hard enough not to come off and also when aplying put it on in realy small emouts

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I've heard rub and buff as you can with your hands then wipe with a cloth to get the shine. Leave it to air for a day or so. You can lock the Rub&buff with hairspray.

Can anyone else vouch for this?
Seeker (I think it's Seeker) has a great YouTube video that focuses on How to Make Armor. During the tutorial he discusses RnB and how it seals itself, since it is wax-based, but you have to rub/polish it quickly and hard.

I am very aware that the last line just set-up a BARRAGE of comments LOL!



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I use craft paints and a mix of earthy dirty colors and try to keep it uneven.

The brand names are Plaid, Folkart and some others. They come in little bottles with snap caps on top.


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so I did Seeker's tutorial earlier and got all the flak jacket's armor's to have a nice shine to them but I did the thighs the same way and they appear to be more dull. Should I apply more Rn'B to it tomorrow or just buff it with a cloth rigorously? At the time of this post, it's been about 12 hours since I've stopped working on them, if that matter


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This is what it goes by now. New look. Same formula.


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You can also seal Alcald II with it without losing too much shine. My original helmet is done this way and matches up to the armor pretty good. I painted the helmet since it would get more wear from handling and the nice thing about clear coating the Alclad is that you don't leave annoying fingerprints. Just another way of achieving the same result.