Rub N' Buff Drying Time?



Alright, I just put some Silver Leaf Rub N' Buff on my already painted Jango armor, and the tube says it's fine over painted surfaces and that it should dry in seconds, but I've had it on for an hour now and it still rubs off on my finger. Will it react negatively if I put a clear coat over it?
Months? Haha, I take it you've used it with less than satisfactory results?
Hmmm...I guess I'll just try giving it a clear coat and hopefully that'll do it.
I put some on my helmet (fiberglass painted with kryolon metalic aluminum/silver) and it dried in seconds. no rubbing off... fantastic looking too! VERY shiny and metal-looking.
Not really. I just put a TINY bit on with my finger (wearing latex gloves) and sprad it around- waited a few seconds them buffed it to a shine. The whole helmet (the silver parts only) took maybe 15-20 mins. The stuff really is amazing.
Rub N' Buff and a clear coat

I am not sure about being able to put a clear coat over it. I may try it with my helmet- but I am a bit reluctant, as you can imagine!
As for being able to put the Run-n-Buff OVER clearcoat, I highly doubt it. It is almost a paint in itself. It is thick, almost paste like. Silver in color (or whatever color you choose) and from my use of it it not only shines but slightly paints it as well.
I have a friend who used it to weather col. marine armor. Even weeks after it was "dried" it would still rub off on clothing and other stuff. MESSY. The stuff never seems to be permanantly set.(n)
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Kylash327... You clear coated your armor, than you did the RNB?

The biggest thing that concerns me is my helmet, I want to clear coat it to lock the black pin stripping down, than use the RNB (I still gotta find it) to make it look more real.

I went to both ACMoore and Micheal's and I couldn't find the stuff...... :(
I guess I'll try again and ask someone who actually works there if they got it.... :p
I found some rub n buff at Hobby Lobby. It was with the gold leaf and other specialty buff-type paint dealy things.
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