ROTJ Special Edition Promo

Paint and damage came out nicely. Looks good
Thanks man. I still have some weathering to do then do the sealing coats. Just ordered some pastel chalks for some of the weathering. Going to do the shoulder bells next layer tonight since the silver is done on those already. I'm super happy how it's turning out.
Small up date. I weathered the chest plate decal. I used some Testers flat black rattle can about 12 in above with a short burst. And applied the yellow smudge with a q tip. Scratched some areas with a exacto knife.

Also I removed the decal from the chest plate for weathering.

Also stenciled the silver damage on the shoulder bells and 1 knee. The other will get Pre Pro 2 colors.

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Finally finished the main armor. Weathering and sealing done. I’m happy the way it turned out. I even did the black paint splatter on the chest armor. Some photos on the floor and on the bench different lighting.





I've been following your progress more on Instagram than anywhere else! Armor came out great!
Thanks man. I loved replicating the weathering of the SE Promo shots. Shoulder Bells and Knees will be done soon so they will be posted next.
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I don’t think I got my yellow paints right for this PP 2 knee. Reversed? I used the line stripping yellow for the last coat. And Camel yellow for the first. Which is close.

I could weather the top yellow to match closer. Like in a close up of the promo shoot pic of the knee.



Alright the left knee is repainted. It’s a lot better. Need to do some topicall details and some weathering. Also get rid of the white stencil lines.