Jet Pack ROTJ Jetpack bottom greebles


I have found some decently easy to acquire parts that replicate the ROTJ XLR port and button fairly well.


There are no photos of the XLR port on the ROTJ pack, but we have a picture of something plugged in there as well as an XLR port on a stunt pack. So at some point during filming whatever was there fell out. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong)
Based on that, I tried to replicate the XLR port the stunt pack has and found this: Neutrik NC3MP-B Panel Mount Male XLR Connector Black Gold Contacts: Musical Instruments


For the switch, I found a single pole rotary switch at Ace. The brass tip unscrews and then you can cut away the threads. I painted the nut with gold and misted it with brown. I am happy with the result, looks close enough for me. I don't know if anyone knows if the button was a push or rotary, but in terms of looking the part I'd say this works well. The other nut I used on the back so it only poked out as much as I wanted it to.
Gardner Bender Single Pole Rotary Switch Magnesium 1 pk - Ace Hardware




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I had no idea Ace Hardware had those. Nice!

There is a local surplus store that has a switch as close as I've ever seen. I needs to be painted white since it is chrome, but other than that it's spot on in my eyes. If anyone wants one let me know and I'll pick it up for you. Note it's a momentary switch so no good for actually turning anything on.