ROTJ grey?


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Thanks web, I was thinking that too. Hard to tell from the dinky pic. They may even be darker yet in real life. I think I will chance it, can't beat the price. If they are real off, I could always use them in the garage.


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If you go to the store and look where they keep the dye for clothes, there is going to be something there to help remove the color before yo dye an item. For some reason, I can't remember the name.

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mrgr8ness said:
Since they are 100% cotton, do they make a product that could lighten them up?

Unfortunately, bleaches and color removers tend to make things turn kind of orangey if you just try to lighten them. It looks like the guy offers a lighter shade of gray tho look at his other auctions.

Something else to keep in mind. The coveralls will get even darker when you distress them.


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Yeah those lighter ones have like small pinstripes in them. The auction has a "make best offer" so I offered $10 and got accepted. Worth a shot, maybe they will work ok. I will post pics when I get them.