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I just got in material to do 6 ROTJ flightsuits.I have had several people ask about these over the course of the last couple months so hopefully they will see this post.
Suits are 140.00 shipped within the US.Made to your measurements.This is a first come first serve basis.Once your order is up it takes aboout a week and a half to make them.If you are 6th on the list then obviously your suit would take a little longer.
Pm me with further details thanks-

Also below are the measurements I need if getting a suit.

1. Waist (around hips)
2. Belly (around back over belly button)
3. Torso (from base of neck to groin DOWN FRONT SIDE)
4. Neck (around)
5. Arm (from shoulder tip to wrist) & (from armpit to wrist on inside of arm).
6. Shoulders (from tip to tip across back/shoulder blades..NOT on top of shoulders)
7. Inseam (inside of leg from groin to ankle)
8. Bicep (around bicep making a muscle)
9. Upper thighs (around largest part of your leg near groin)
10. Chest (around back over breast)
11. Booty (around your rearend over the pubic bone in the front
PLease make sure these measurements are done with a cloth tape measure and double check them to make sure they are accurate before submitting them to me.These measurements will be used to customize your suit to fit you better.If going to a tailor please let them know you are buying a jumpsuit and not a suit as they measure diffrently for suit versus jumpsuits...And lastly please DO NOT add any to your measurements as we will do that here to compensate for bending stretching etc...Thanks
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Not for me, but please keep me on a list for the next ESB run. Did you get my PM regarding the vest and SW version btw?

Happy 2007!
Well Ive been feeling crappy again...whats new...anyway all the ROTJ suits are done and packed up Ill post DC#'s for all suits in this thread tongiht these will ALL be shipped out in the A.M Jan.29th 2007
Thanks to all involved in this run for your patience and understanding while ive been down and out in the last couple weeks.-Jason
Here are the dc and customs #'s these were shipped this a.m.
I am posting last names cause I dont have your TDH names handy.

1. Kaufmann DC# 0304 3490 0002 6485 8822

2. RLJ Studios DC# 0304 3490 0002 6485 8815

3. Pickering DC# 0304 3490 0002 6485 8792

4. Chana DC# 0304 3490 0002 6485 8785

5. Rinekso DC# 03043490 0002 6485 8808

6. Albers Customs# LC825903290US

Thanks everyone-Jason
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