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hey mandos I need help. do the switches on the right guant do anything? what sort of switches/ buttons are on the left flame thrower?
Lastly should my battery get hot?
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Well I can tell you NO your battery should not get hot if it is on during normal use. Check your connections. I had the same thing happen to mine, turned out I had the wires switched.
Concur - your battery should not get hot just running a simple lamp.

make sure your wiring is like this:


The other switches can be used for whatever you wish, some people put leds/lasers in the flamethower nozzles that light up when you push the buttons on the side of the left gaunt.

On the original prop, the "paddle" switch on the left gaunt looks to me to be just a "greeblie" - it's not real.

But I changed mine into a real switch to control the red lamp (from the diagram above).

Also - I choose to match the prop pics of the right gauntlet and removed the two toggle switches on the side. I would guess they were used to turn on the flamethrower or something.
Awesome Thank you lots. I will have to rehook the battery and like . The diagram is extreemely helpful. I shall have to post pics of my two sets of guantlets whaen I am done you guys rock!!!
Ha rerouted the power and mounted all the buttons just in time for the con tomorrow You guys rock. I even got to play mandos with my 4 year old son. That battery would have fried my arm the way I had it rigged before. next I will have to do a version of armor for him. the store bought just will not do for very much longer.
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