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Cape Detail...proving NO detail is too trivial

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

The words "BOBA FETT" are written down the hem of the cape near the breast plate. See the pic below from the Art of Star Wars, UK for details... This detail is NOT present on the MotM tour suit. Thanks to Slave1 for this info.

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Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

Slave1, credits have been fixed. I apologize for not putting them in to begin with. I have not been very diligent with credits as I have been more interested in getting information moved to this board than giving credit where it is rightfully due. I will try give due credit with all future posts.

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Originally posted by Slave1:

Thanks Braks. :)

Chris, I actually made my cape out of dufflebag and then started looking at the original. I then saw the eyelet (for a drawstring) on the original that was right where it was on mine! Talk about weird!

The duffle bag wasn't long enough to begin with, so I pieced it together and there was this ugly seam in it. Then I looked at the original and it has the seam at around the same area. Again weird!

At that time I was really not studying the small details, I just thought the material of the duffle bag looked right at the time.

While we're talking about the cape, I also ran mine through a light brown dye wash to "dirty" it up. I also hit it with a few spurts of paint from a few feet back, as well as going over it with some sandpaper.

Tip of the day: Don't use scissors to make the tatters. You'll just get clean, diagonal cuts. Try using a very small file and punch into the cloth near the edges, then tear your way down. This will make the tatters more ragged and much more natural.
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Originally posted by Lynn TXP 0369:

Shelby.. I used a army duffle bag, not sure of the year or era, and mine is plenty big enough for me without having to do any mods other cutting the bag in half, I was able to get two capes out of mine fact.... I wonder why yours was so much smaller? may be a different type? I wouldn't want mine any bigger.
My cape is 2'X3'....
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Originally posted by TK1028:

Thanks Shelby for the tips. Does anyone know what the cape measurements are on the Don Post Statue? Does it looks to be as accurate in length as Lynn's? Slave1, what does yours measure?

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Originally posted by Slave1:

My cape is probably right around 2 by 3 also. That seems to be the standard approximation that most people use.

I can't remember how the duffle bag I got was formed. That was probably 3 years ago. Originally, I planned to redo it when I got a chance, going to a single piece cape, but then I saw pics where the seam was right where it should have been, so I've kept it ever since.

I do know there are quite a few different bag styles out there. I bought a couple extras back then to sell on Ebay that were not quite as accurate. One style I remember was a lot smaller and it was not as dark, and the weight of the material was not as heavy.

Army supply places and flea markets are the best place to seach for those people wanting to get a bag.
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attaching a cape?

How are all of you attaching your capes to your armor? I heard the way the real cape attached was with a small hook that attached to the shoulder. I was trying to figure out how you would attach the hook to the cape.Any thoughts?
The actual cape was bolted on, my friend.

*TK409 edit* photos no longer working
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Yeah I saw the way they had it attached at the museum but I don't think that is the way it was attached in the films. I know that for the SE of ANH when they added him in the docking bay scene it was attached with a small hook. I got this information directly from Mark Austin(the guy who played him in that scene)I'm not sure if it was attached the same way in every movie though.
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I've seen an old black and white picture somewhere that showed a clip device being used. It was of an actor dressing in the suit.
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This brings up an interesting point. Just because the MOM exibit Fett looks a certain way, that doesn't mean that it was the ONLY way something was. The real prop makers for the film were FAR less picky about things then most of the people here are! The suit only had to look good on film. There were NEVER any close ups of half of this suit. That being said, several different ways of doing things could have been exercised due to different prop makers. Not only that, there was more then one suit.

Also, don't forget, these suits are 20 years old! The people putting the thing together for the museum exibit could have put things together any way they could just to get it to stay together. There are many possibilities here.
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Valid points web-chief. I've reviewed many, many, photos and the one thing that is consistent is inconsistentcy. From ESB to ROTJ to ANH SE to ROTJ SE to promotional materials, the cape attachment seems to vary somewhat.

I've traded e-mails with Mark as well, but you have to remember that the SE ANH was filmed quite a bit after the original, and maybe the hook method was the easiest at the time.

I personally like the bolted on method. It is very secure and sturdy.

As for the clip, webchief, that is from one of the preproduction suits. Fett had a seat-belt style housing on his right shoulder where a clip on the corner of the cape would snap into. The cape would then drap across his chest poncho style. This wasn't executed in the ESB or ROTJ suits.
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Yes tylerdurden,

That's the picture I was thinking of. The one with the seatbelt clip.


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That's a confusing shot. I can't tell what that armor piece is. The part bolted to the cape. Is it just an extra piece of say Sintra? It doesn't look like it should look like that if it was the back armor.
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Blastech, you are right. That picture IS confusing. What you are seeing is what remains of the clip tyler mentioned in the previous post. Originally the cape was oriented differently and that corner with the small piece attached is actually the attachment point for the other shoulder. You can pretty much ignore that piece as it is currently placed. It is not holding anything in place.
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So the two bolts in the top shot don't do anything but hold the clip in place? And last keyboard key has a bolt that go through the cape into the collar piece?
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I glued my silver cube on with a heavy-duty glue. Hopefully it holds for a while. I bored out the center of it so the bolt sits inside it.
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Right-o. You can see the broken of the piece in the photo. Those two bolts just held that now useless piece on the cape.
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Since there is no one definate way to attach the cape and it seems the attachment point seems to change from scene to scene like most of Fett's costume I just decided to use a snap. I attached a snap to the cape, then the other half to the back armor near the top by the collar. It seems to hold well,looks good and is easy to snap on and off.I'll try to get pictures if anyone wants them.
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What do you do about the overlapping silver cube Ruffintoy? Do it just velcro to the cape or something? (I'd love to see pics of the snap)
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