ROTJ Boba Fett Build Thread - the journey begins ....


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I don't think MojoTurbo mentioned where he got it from. Unless Arkady changed her design, I don't think it is an Arkady Flight Suit.
The color looks good though when I look at it and compare it to mine though.



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I said "TIGHT"

I dont think I could put the scuba harness under this
Geez - can you breathe in it? If it is a custom tailored Flak Vest, you may wanna consider talking that over with the maker. If it is a mass produced Flak Vest, maybe return this one and get their next size up? It should be snug - but only after you have your JetPack Harness on. But not so much so that it is uncomfortable to wear.



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I have a Krypton top flight suit and his looks a lot like it.
I'm a 501st approved ROTJ Fett.
Hit me with any questions you might have.


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WOW just had a horrible experience with JJ Industries ... bought a $100 machined part and it broke the same day I tried to use it
and was told by the owner that it was all my fault
Now I am being forced to purchase a second one at full price


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Hello all - i've been waiting a long time for this. So far, I have costume builds for

- Robin Hood
- Han Solo
- Indiana Jones
- Jack Sparrow
- A Jedi
- and I'm finishing up Kylo Ren this year

I've always wanted to do Boba Fett, but been scared by the price tag - but just decided that if I don't start - i'll never finish.

Took the leap and bought all of my soft parts at once - getting them custom made to my measurements.

But I told my brother (who is a member here) that I was starting and he was kind enough to send me a HUGE BOX of ROTJ parts that he'd been saving.

View attachment 223949

Now Of course ... I know what a lot of this stuff is ... but was hoping maybe some of you could even help me identify the prop maker? If possible.

I always like to know who / where things came from?

For instance - I think "shoes" are my next purchase (start from the feet and work my way up) and I know these are the toe spikes

View attachment 223950

View attachment 223951

anyone recognize them? And then I'll need instructions on how to put them on? I am guessing they screw in?

Thanks for the help and the community,

Sorry to jump in on your thread but i need help and it seems like i dont know who to ask. Don’t know if you can help bit here goes.

recieved soft parts for rotj fett and noticed that neck seal has 6 ribs instead of 5 that crl specified.

1. Is this an issue or is it not really a bad thing.
2. Should i unpick one of the stich lines so that 6 becomes 5.
3. Or do i sew it to the flight suit short of 1 rib meaning 5 will be visible however it will be shorter on my neck.

if you can help it would be great.

regards Andy.

Your attention to detail is brilliant i hope it all comes out looking amazing


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Andy - you got the wrong guy - I'm a noob with no experience with CRL - maybe make your own build thread so the experts can help you


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FYI from the CRL
Neck Seal
  • A quilted neck seal made from the same fabric as the vest.
  • Five horizontal ribs run along the seal.
  • The neck seal closes in the front, left over right, via hooks or Velcro or a combination of the two.
OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):
  • Neck seal closes via two sets of hook and eye style latches, evenly spaced starting at the bottom of the neck seal with one white Velcro strip at the top inside, matching film era reference.
  • Neck Seal is made of a satin cotton/polyester looking material, the same that is used to make the vest and the glove padding.


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I honestly never even took notice of the count on my Arkady Suit. But mine does indeed have 5. I just looked at the Etsy - KriptonTop sales page for the Boba Fett Flight Suit and in both pics it does show 6 ribs....
KriptonTop - ROTJ Boba Fett - Neck Seal.jpg

In KriptinTop’s defense - he doesn’t say “Quilted with correct NUMBER of strips”.

As Lazerjock mentioned the 501st CRL does state....

About the only solution I can really think of to correct this yourself would be to have a tailor remove the top rib and sew it back up. Or if that'd shorten the neck seal up too much, then have the tailor remove all the ribs and evenly space out the ribs to make 5.

Or go back to KriptonTop and see what they have to say on the matter.

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All I’ll say is I had a terrible experience with KriptonTop but who knows maybe your experience will be better than mine but it definitely needs five ribs on the neck seal.