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Hi guys, I just finished cutting my trash can armor, and have a question about the three holes in the triangle pattern on the left side of the belly plate; is this supposed to be damage or do the holes have an actual supposed function? I need to know the diameter of the holes and how deep they go into the armor (all the way thru the plate with a solid backing plate?).

Also, the collar armor; I'm using WoF's template, but I've also seen a few pictures of peoples armor where the collar piece extends farther over the shoulders (front to back that is) more than just ending at halfway over...

Any help would be appreciated, since I'm ready to start painting it...

Those holes are drilled into the armor on purpose, its not battle damage, I dunno what its supposed to be.
Is it possible they were already in the plastic sheet they Vac'd the ORIGINAL parts from? They could've then just been copied into the other versions of the suit to match.

Nevermind--I just realized that it would have not sealed properly. Duh.
Maybe they drilled the holes to attach something to it, but decided not to or didnt have time so it was incomplete. Then agian it doesnt go all the way threw the armor so I dunno, just for looks I guess.
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