ROTJ armor and knees


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Here is a recent set I did for one of my customers.



I did not show the backplate just cause it is a universal design that will fit most frames,I also put a backing on all of the pieces which increases the thickness and durability.
You really have to see it, and feel it in person to appreciate.Pics do not do it justice.
Just got an order for an ESB set so i will post some pics of that when it is done.
Had to raise my prices a bit, but at $175, still a bargain.
My materials got a little more expensive.
It is actually sheet steel, with a layer of material on the back for thickness,comfort and strength.I work out of my apartment, and they would not take to kindly to
All my work is done by hand as well as my paintwork.(Well my trusty dremel is always nearby).lol
And yes i have been a member here for a little while, just too darn busy to post a lot.I changed my avatar, to my other passion in life....good ole jason.
Very nice looking armor. (y)

How did you make the knees? Specifically the mounting blocks for the darts? I have been thinking about making some myself, but I was not sure how to approach that part of the knee armor.

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