Rorschach9's Scratchbuild v3


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After getting about 90% done on the build up of my foamboard/pvc jet pack I scrapped it (well, put it aside for possible use later) and started all over again.

This time I went with almost entirely cardboard. The ONLY thing in this pack that is not cardboard are the fuel cells which I used PVC Pipe for (Central Vac pipe to be exact .. very thin and very very light) and the straps.

It still needs a few touch ups on the paint job, details and weathering but not bad for a total of about 26 hours work and $50, paint included!

Total weight is about 4.5 pounds.

Materials used : Cardboard (mail stiffener boards), Central Vac Tubing, contact cement, spray paints, straps and plastic connectors.





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I forgot to mention this was done using WoF's templates :) Couldnt have done it without him!

I've done more work on it .. pics to come once I get my batteries charged up again. hehe


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As promised .. My harness system.

It's pretty simple really. I took an old Military Web Harness that I had lying around (got it at the army surplus store about 15 or more years ago). I snipped off the 2 metal hooks that were on the back of the shoulder section so that they wouldnt lift my backplate up.

Then, I took some nylon strapping and a plastic buckle .. using snaps I made the two sections, and snapped them around the existing loop on the web harness, and the other half I snapped around a length of PVC pipe inside the pack.

Adjustable and I can take it all apart easily if I need to.





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Except for a beacon (which I havn't managed to find anything suitable for cheap/scratchbuild purposes yet) and the keys (which I will make, paint and apply later), the jet pack is done, painted, weathered and ready to go!