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Hey Guys. First off I want to thank everybody for their awesome post. There is a wealth of knowledge on here. Been reading a lot here lately and I've decided to try my hand at this. I've been working on this for about three weeks and this is what I have done so far. Any feedback or input would be great. Thanks guys.
















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Keep it up, looks good so far.

Just don't get in a hurry. The time you spend during the build will show in the final product.


The top flat top parts on both your ears bevels are way too big if you're not going for a custom non-fett bucket.
The left is supposed to be almost a complete bevel except for the very edge of the rim which is only about 2mm, and the right is about half your current.


Other than that looking pretty good so far. You were smart doing the dome spikes all on together at once like that, I did mine in sections and it caused all sorts of headaches.


Looks good so far. The Perspex block in the rangefinder looks a little big. Check reference pics on this site for direction.


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My bucket (which I don't have yet) is off to you. Still trying to grow balls big enough to attempt what you started. As mentioned in the other comments, don't hurry, watch detail. Patience will avail and keep you from having to redo things. I made a scratch build ammo belt. Batninja's tutorial. Took time and patience and very happy with the outcome. Patience is the key young paduan. Looking good and looking forward to seeing your progress.


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So here is where I'm at now guys. I've looked at my ear pieces and they do look different. But think I'm gonna let it ride. My plan was just to try my hand at this an see if I could even do it. Think I'm gonna do another one, iI've learned a lot of new techniques and better ways to do stuff. And also learn from the mistakes I've made. Anyway, back to my current build. Last few weeks have been a lot of sanding (BORING). But I'm at a point now where I'm almost ready to start painting.
Here I have the pieces attached and starting to cut the visor opening, the dent, and the slots in the front of the helmet.
These parts got the best of me. I know it's not perfect but It'll work. The cardboard slots are small and hard to work with. Anybody have a better idea I'm all ears.
Painted up the rangefinder with some silver paint to give it that weathered look. Loved how this came out.
Putting my final coat of primer on, well at least for now. I do have a few more spots that showed up that needs sanding and attention. But for the most part it's done with sanding.
Put the visor in and place the rangefinder in place to get a good look at what its gonna look like. I'm so excited with how its coming along.
That's it for now guys. Hopefully next post will have a little paint to go along with it....Later guys.
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Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick update as to where I am. I have started adding some color to my helmet. I actually have most of it done but this is the only pics I have at this time. I'm hopefully gonna be wrapping it up in next few days. So far I am super excited with how everything has came out. Updates in a few days. Thanks guys.