Rogue Studios Helmet done(well almost)

Rogue Studios

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I have to add the decal on the rangefinder side(the downward looking arrow thing). Dust it up and a touch up here and there.After researching the paint colors having metal ears made as well as rangefinder stalk I'm really tired so I'm taking a breather for a few days whew. oh yeah the visor is not screwed in so it's sitting a little high you can see it at the bottom...that'll be taken care of.


The flash does some funky stuff.

Holy crap that's superb work dude! :D
Damn, that's some fine cloning...I mean painting!

I need to find out what color you used for the rear! And the stripes...and the scrapes!!! :)

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Man Lee I knew it was takin an awful long time for you to paint that bucket but I can see why now. That has to be the most beautiful lid I have ever seen. Truly superb work. Now I need to start practicing to get to that level of accuracy so that my helmet will look half as good.
Hey thanks a bunch I really appreciate it. I really worked my bum off on that one and it helped me out on finding the colors and developing the paint method. I'm still not a big fan of topical but it is the easiest way to reproduce it accurately.

Lee, that is a truly awesome paint job on that helmet. And although I'm doing an ROTJ suit, seeing such an awesome ESB helmet inspires me to want to tackle this as well.

I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but thanks for the research you did to find the colors for the helmet, it will be a great help and truly appreciated.
Oh and um. . .until then. . .go ROTJ:rolleyes:D


Words are failing me here........

I have just spent 5 mins staring at the first pic.

I honestly cant believe how good that is.

Its exactly as i remember the AOSW helmet.


Go to go now & look at the pics again.

Oh. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

My. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

God. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I am completely gobsmacked.


That's just about the best looking, most screen accurate paint job imaginable!


I don't know if I should be extremely inspired or reeeeally intimidated for when I paint my own bucket! ;)



PS. Wow.
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