Right Gaunt Darts


Does anyone what I can use for my guantlet darts. Is there something that I can find at the hardware store? Or at Target or something. I really don't want to spend $30 on some guantlet darts.
i know it's not right on , but it looks cool . i used replacement valve stems for tires . i got them at wal-mart . very cheap .and they look like little darts anyway. i think a 4 pack was under $10.00 .
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hey...NICE!!!! to be quite honest...i like those better than the real darts. 1st, there cheap, and 2ed, they look cooler than the real ones. :) do you have a link for them? also, where can i find some (store area), and do they look like that in the box, or do i have to take them apart. nice find!!
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