Richies Armor


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My 1st fett was about 70% RA. I just upgraded to BM cause I wanted fiberglass armor. I have to say His stuff is great for the money.


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I personally wasn't too impressed with the level of accuracy of the Fett items he sells(especially the gauntlets, there too stubby)and think there are people here on TDH that sell better stuff. Also, the one time I did try to contact him reguarding a purchase, he never even responded to my email:facepalm Just my .02


I too have heard some great things about RA - but unfortunately, I had the same experience. I have sent a couple of emails, but never received a response.

I have seen some of his pieces, and they do look great though.


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He seems like a pretty decent fellow. Has no problem working with you if you have special requests, and has always been fairly good in returning communications with me.