Rex's Armor


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The shapes and proportions look just fine to me :)

If we could get a pic of it held up to your (rex's) chest, I think gauging the overall size and everything would be easier :)

Aside from that, looks like something to be proud of :)



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I had some left-over card from doing the Jet Pack - so I tried my hand on making some chest armors. Thanks for your feedbacks.
Like the jet pack, this would also be molded in Fiberglass.
Still need to make the other parts of the armor - but alas, run out of card :)

This project would be pass on to Rex Adams.


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Thanks Mardon and Bear!

Man, this is so overwhelming...I long for a helmet, finally Mardon comes in with one...I finally get a job, my RA armor is coming, FP's armor I'm looking at...Mardon's Jet Pack is this- Mardon's armor!

Sheesh, this is all too much! I think I need to lay down!


But credit should go where credit's due...It's MLC armor, I'm just the guy who got Mardon into Fett!



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crisisfilms wrote:

P.S. Where'd you get that poster in the first pic? ;)
It came with the ('96/'97?) Boba Fett magazine. It's a great poster of the SE Fett costume with 'brand' names listed of the components of the suit. Unfortunately my copy disappeared right after Celebration II. :cry