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ok, there's a guy that always seems to have resin casts of the webley flare launcher. vaticast i do believe is the name. i think i heard a tale that his webley is actually a recast of sidewinders. could someone please set me straight on the subject?
Yes that's correct , they apparently bought it using another e-bay account so you cannot tell ,but there are many giveaways if you compare the pics to Sidewinders.I would personally recomend Sidewinders and i am sure a few more guys will chip in ,the castings are great plus the stock bracket is steel reinforced too :)
YEp Sidewinders is a class build, can't recommend it heighly enough..


Here's mine, Jeremy Bulloch actually told me it was one of the best he'd seen since flinging around the original one many years ago. Judge for yourself from the pic above.
Martin , i know you are pleased with your EE-3 but you dont have to show it on every forum !!:)

you cant get a better recomendation than Boba Fett himself :)
i'd stay away from ebay... since there's a known good source here (sidewinder), not need to take the risk of getting it from an unknown seller.
Apparently, not only are Vaticasts recasts of Sidewinders model, they are really bad recasts-or so I've been told...You'd spend two weeks trying to Bondo in all the pin holes, but you'll also be doing some "Bondo sculpting" as well-it's alot of fun... :lol:

i've pm'ed sidewinder, i think i'll be placing my order sometime in january. when i'm not broke from buying people presents.
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