Resin vs. Resin+Fiberglass


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In another thread there was a request that a certain helmet kit be offered with fiberglass.

Now with resin, if you drop it, it'll crack, and the cheek plate might even break off.

With fiberglass, you're still going to deal with a crack, right?

Is there some added advantage to having something made out of FG?

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Hey bro,

Resin + FG [Pros]:
1. Should you drop the part and it cracks, it can be repaired by bondo and sanded down. I did that with my BP ROTJ Gaunt shell. :)

Resin + FG [Cons]:
1. It's got weight if it isn't done properly.

Hope this helps a little.

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Fiberglass makes it stronger, its also accurate. But adding Fiberglass to resin isnt the best way to do it. A good fiberglass helmet has a gel coat on the outside. You can do the same with resin aslong as you coat it with fiberglass while the resin is still curing so the two bond. Other wise there is a chance the fiberglass can detach.