resin helmets: better to be thick and rigid or thin and flexible?


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i've been working with smoothcast roto on my mr helmet conversion project.

i'm still trying to get the hang of slush casting. i've done 2 helmets.

one is thick... 1/4" or so. very rigid. the other is thinner... about 1/8", and very flexible.

i'm torn as to which would be better for trooping.

the thicker one is sturdy feeling, but would almost surely shatter if dropped.

the thinner one could probably take some impact, but i'm concerned about the flexibility.

anyone have any experiences to share / opinions?

my goal here is a nice, durable helmet for trooping.


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1/8 isnt bad for the roto resin, but none of my helmets I really want to flex either. I have a phase I clone helmet that is thin along the bottom I noticed after cutting the neck ring off. Sometime this week I am going to brush on some shellshock resin, possibly mixed with urethane filler to not add as much weight, to reinforce those thin areas. Another option if you go thin is to brush on some rigid foam or give it a coat of fiberglass, but I am personally not a fan of fiberglass for most of these costume parts.


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I prefer the thinner resin helmets. I'd stick with the 1/8" helmet, you could always fiberglass it if you want to be even safer.

Also, I find that when you add the visor to a Fett helmet, it makes it a lot sturdier. That is if you use a nice thick acrylic visor.
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Resin is fairly strong so the 1/8 would be alright. But seeing all mine are scratchbuilt and I would like to do a resin one someday as well, I am interested in the answer as well.....course I could take the other off your hands if you really don't want it.;)


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Roto is great an all but if you want a stronger helmet use strait SC300... it makes a great helmet. I have been doing my Cobra Crimson Guard helmet with it for a few years now and there very durable. I have never used Roto SC before so I am not sure if its reccomended due to being thicker or what.... but I do know it is much softer and there fore less brittle. Strait SC300 has some give but no more then a thick peice of vacced fett armor.

I would buy a gallon kit and give it a try and see what you think.