Resin Cod-Piece, Trouble???

Dha Syntir

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I just received a bargain I couldn't resist, a resin cod for around $10 on Ebay. After lightly banging it against my desk, I cracked the very tip. I epoxied it back in place and then added a pool of epoxy on the rear of the cod to reinforce it, if only a little. After this mishap, I now see how brittle this material can be and I'm wondering if I should go through with the trouble of painting it if it will crack down the middle while wearing it etc. Can anyone either validate my fears of it's dubious strength, or perhaps allay those fears with stories of having used their resin cod for years without trouble-if carefully handled...So, can anyone help me out? Thanks.


This can be pretty common without enough layering and reinforcment durring construction of the prop.. I've come across it a few times w/ some of my past gauntlets where the bottom sections would literally split due to flexing :facepalm

It's something that can fixed if your willing to do the layering and reinforcing.

It's one of the main reasons I made rubber cod-pieces pictured below "No breakage" !
i would be very nervous about a resin one. most of the resin stuff out there, particularly the really cheap stuff, is very very brittle. it can be done well, but it's rare ;)

my codpiece is aluminum, since i like to know that i'm protected in the event of a kid deciding to test me armor!
I had thought about trying to reinforce it with fiberglass but i'm not familiar with working with the stuff. I think I'm going to go ahead and buy a new fiberglass cod from ****kin as I need to get the kidney plate also so I might as well make the matching set. I may try and reinforce the cod with fiberglass just to learn how to work with the stuff, It'd be a great project to learn from. I wouldn't mind trying out a rubber cod piece but have never really seen one and wasn't sure about them. They sound like a good combination of durability and flexibility, but they're pricier than the fiberglass, and at present I have to outfit my kit on the cheap-but I'm still picky about quality. Go figure...:p

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