Reshaping fibreglass armour

As it turns out, I need to reshape some of the chest pieces slightly for a better fit.
Is it possible to heat fibreglass and then reshape it without breaking? Was thinking of heating in the oven for a few minutes to see what happens.
Probably should mention that it is already painted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jangos kid

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I reshaped my older MLC armour one time by heating it in the oven for a bit, then plunging it in water. I don't remember what temp I used or for how long I left it in, but it wasn't very long. I'm shure someone else will chime in with better directions, but can be done!!! :) Mine was already painted too, and turned out fine, so hopefully you don't have issues ruining your paint.


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I would be skeptical of doing it in the oven because fiberglass has chemicals in it that are harmful to your health. I would be worried about the chemicals getting in your oven. I have successfully reshaped fiberglass with a heat gun numerous times so that's what I'd recommend.