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request to make parts ..DCB? Judz Dwedd? zamIam?

I've had several new zammers asking me for parts that I don't make and I always try to forward them to the folks who make the parts but it seems they can't get them anymore.

So, I guess I'd be willing to help them out but I need permission to make those parts. They'd obviously have to be copies so that's why I'm asking here in the open so I can hopefully approach it in a safe and honest way ;)

Helmet (dcb?)
Gauntlets (judz dwedd?)
?? zamIam ?? are you making your resin greeblies still?

Any other parts that people can't find?
Please don't recast my stuff. Thanks for asking, I am still making the 5 greeblies, I am undecided about doing sets of lower armor again, but no, I do not want anyone recasting my stuff.
That's exactly why I'm asking out here in the public.

There have been several new zammers wanting parts asking me where to get them and they come back to me because they can't get any replies or they aren't being made anymore. I'm just trying to help out. :)

I wanted to put DCB, Judzdwedd, and zamIam in the title but I can't edit it in there... so everyone could catch it :)
Lonewolf_1183 does gauntlets too. I think he's already got orders for... 4 sets? Plus a new one for me. *giggle* He's my hero. :)

Excellent! that makes less for me to do ;) hehe

So I guess that just leaves the helmet. Not sure if I can get ahold of Dallas to ask him about that one.

Sorry folks.... I'm trying :)
Well MonCal, if you ARE going to make the helmets, put me down for one. (y)

I have PMd a couple of people that never responded on the helmets and one other that is willing to make some parts of the helmet.
MonCal said:
Excellent! that makes less for me to do ;) hehe

Yeah... you're just being lazy! ;) *Just kidding... just kidding!!*

Seriously, all the costumes MonCal is working on... I don't know how he does it! :D

I'd be interested in another helmet if you do them though... :)
isn't judz dwedd still making a Zam helmet?

I had wanted to get one of his helmets, but I have not had the funds.
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It looks like I'll be able to help y'all out with the helmet here in the near future. I will need some time to do some work on the molds and do some trial and error but I will post some new info when I have something positive to show :)

Julie, how are those gauntlets coming? ... I'm anxious to see some finished photos :)
I received the helmet molds today from DCB so I think I officially have permission to make the helmet now :) I'll post info as soon as I can make some progress... though..... it might be a little while due to several other projects in front of it.
question posed: hey ZIA...I know your busy but i was you still contract the suits to have them made for the 300 dollars i was told? Im in for the material but wouldnt mind spending the extra cash to have it made.

Whoever is passing the info, please don't pass that particular info out anymore.
I will NOT ask the seamstress to make the undersuit anymore, nor the patterns etc. I was playing errand girl for free, and half of the people were dissatisfied with the product.
My wife has become interested in getting this suit started. I can usualy understand not wanting to offer things anymor... being a prop maker and painter my self. But have you thought about selling off the rights to what you dont want to make. If not you should, zam. PM me with what ever info you can on this. Its not a rush job... but pointing me in the right direction would be a start. :)
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