Removable Toe Spikes?


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Hello everyone,

I'm a dangerous person... I think too much. So anyways, I was just wondering... Is there a way to make the toe spikes removable? Some events such as a school might not enjoy to have someone walking around with toe spikes. Simply unscrewing them could damage the area it was screwed in to. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking about some sort of snap.

Let's have a brainstrom here people...


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Mine are tig welded stainless steel. I have been asked several times if I could remove them. I did just that, unscrewed them. They went back on and stayed tight everytime.

Jimmy BufFETT

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I will right away say "no go" on the snap system. I don't know if you saw my boots at Comic Con, but I was missing spikes. People kicked them off as they got off the elevator ... it could happen to you.