received a Don Post Helmet


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Has anyone tried modifying it to receive a full tinted lens ? Any advice on cutting this DP Helmet would be appreciated.

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I think just about everyone here has installed a tvisor on one of those at one time or another. :lol: You'll need a dremel, exactonive witha sharp blade and a file with some form of corners. to get in the edges of the visor area
The Don Post requires a fair amount of work to get it looking right but it can be done, it's a great first lid if you do the modifications but I'd recommend saving up and getting a screen accurate fiberglass lid if you can.

I have a white inner Don Post '95 that's been reworked very well and looks pretty good but I upgraded as soon as I could.

This was my suit a while ago with the Don Post helmet:


And this is my heavily upgraded suit now with my Bobamaker helmet (bad pic, sorry):



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The spammer comment was for Beauty123. I reported the post and Mirax deleted it and banned that account. My comment wasn't directed at LoTek. I commented on the spammer then remembered the report feature otherwise wouldn't have even posted.



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Thank you all for your feedback and info. Being new is the reason I have only a handful of posts. You all started as new members at one time so take it easy and don't get all clique-y towards noobs.