Ready to start my Fett Project

Hi folks,

Well it's been a long time coming but i now have enough parts to make a start on the one costume that i have been eager to get started on.

I wish to thank a few people first as without help from them i wouldn't have the bits that i needed.

1) BM for all his superb costume parts that i have bought.
2) Christi (crazy for boba fett) to whom i wouldn't have my fine girth belt.
3) bat ninja for his superb ammo belt.

and lastly to the TDH members to whom i will be turning to in the coming months for help as i progress in the project.

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.



wish me luck and as i said i will be relying on help from anyone who can offer it.

Thanks for your time.

great pic. i myself am getting ready to start and will have the same shot on my floor ready to go hopefully soon.
can you post a link to where you got the girth belt? that thing is killer looking!!

good luck with it, and i'll be contacting you when i start mine to get some recent tips.

fair play to you.

You have gone for top notch stuff from the start.

Lemmi know if you need help from someone this side of the pond.; )
:facepalm your not even done yet and the suit allready looks better then myn...

sometimes I wish my wallet was as big as yours...

though honestly... lot of the fun was building certain parts, and the sewing experience was invaluable :)
Reminds me of when I first started. I had my suit laid out in my floor, and kept adding to it and so forth...Spread some Tide around the neck, feet and, wrists and it kinda reminds me of the old Star Trek episode where the people got the disease that turned them into crystalline powder...:lol:

You've got a ways to go, but you've got some good stuff to start with. That's whats so good about this forum. You find top-notch stuff from the get go, where the rest of us started off with plastic buckets on our heads and crackerjack boxes for gauntlets.:lol:

Have fun.
Hi Folks,

I appreciate all the comments from everyone here more so the experienced Fett's among you all , i am glad you all approve of the parts that i have started with and i will do my best to do them justice.

I hope to learn a great deal from you all over the coming months so i hope you won't mind me asking the odd question or 5 LOL.

Thanks once again.

I kinda envy you. It wasn't that long ago when I started my Fett quest. I remember doing the same thing:


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