Re-warping helmet


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How do you get a DP 95 helmet unwarped? I heated it up and let it cool while holding it in the correct position but in 3 hours it would be back to its old warped position. Also how do I round the top of the helmet?
Is yours green or white on the inside? If it's green, it will probably never hold it's shape very well unless you do something internally (like add a thin layer of fiberglass) to keep it rigid.

Hmmm. You may want to overcompensate when you try to put it into the "correct" position. then when it snaps back, it may settle into the "correct" shape.

So, is your dome out of whack, too?

IIRC, the vinyl in the dome area is just a bit thicker, so it may be harder to knock that out and have it hold its shape. :( All I could suggest would be to get it really, really hot and gently pull the helmet down over a tall kitchen canister or something and hold it until it cools. :( Good luck!

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