RBF's new ROTJ armor-vest!!!


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ow my!!!

I was so down because I had to wait for my mom to help me out with the sewing job on the vest bla bla bla...

totally stupid thing of me to do, as here I am, with some help from my mom, creating a great looking armor vest!!!

we used paterns and stuff and WOW!!! padded and all, it actually fits me!!

I am SO happy with this :D :D (been along time since that happened)

can't wait to get my new armor attached to it, with velcro!!

tommorow I'll need to cut off the excess wires and all... wow...

( don mind the crazy pic of me :lol: my mom couldn't resist)
the camera flash kinda screws up the colour, but that's ok.




sandwich finished.JPG

yeah that's me.JPG

sleeve almost done.JPG

almost done.JPG
:D whohhoow!! thnx people!!! and thnx again!!! pretty soon Fett will be wearable again, been a long time but... I think the conversion was more then worth it.

@psberetta...: Actually, I'm having a hard time remembering it's name in dutch... :p but it's kind of like a soft, fury white stuff... and it's pretty thick when you double it inside the cloth... wich is absolutly necesary as I am very, very thin...
Wow your mom rocks ^_^ great looking vest

I am working on a tutorial for the vest. It may be helpful.

It is great that you are searching and researching to get the best info possible for your Fett. There is soooo much info here, that your eyes can get blurry from the time you spend reading LOL.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Revived.... wow... lol.

thanks again though. And yeah, my mom rocks!!
It's funny to see that here she helped a bit with the sewing job and I do everything myself now.

It's a bit of a broken white, blueish color...

It's a little busy since I' m moving out etc, but I think that the vest is one of the few items I' ll actually keep.

It' s still working fine!!
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