RBF rehanging jet pack... sort of..


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RBF rehanging jetpack... sort of..

I'm thinking about hanging my jet pack up higher, as I really have myn... hanging... awkwardly...

now, my backplate is a scratchy so i don;t want to start drilling new holes in it... the harness system is A-ok aswell...

so I was thinking about actually lowering the hooks on my jet pack, that way it will go up aswell...

think that's a good idea folks?

anyone done this before?

I might apply new hooks, that way I can also install "longer" ones making it hang more securly...

check the pic...that thing really needs to go up... and I'm far to young and healthy to be taken those pills.. :p sorry bout that...

jetpack higher.JPG

Where are the hooks at right now? Here is a shot of how I did mine (well at least the best one I have)

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gary I just can;t get enough of that suit...damn...

anyways... myn are much... much lower, but then my backplate doesn't have the correct curve...

I had to kind of...gues where the holes for the straps would have to be... but since they are also made into the vest and the harness is made to fit both the holes in the pack and the vest I feel more comfortable somehow adjusting my jet pack some more, like I have done in the past...

I'll try to find a pic...
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hmm... I don't really have a picture.. but I'll make sure to post the result!!
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If you did do higher holes on your back, the jet pack would cover the old ones depending.
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yes, but I'd also need to create a new harnes, and make other holes in the vest aswell...
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