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I will try to make this as simple as possible it may be hard to explain? When the rangefinder is mobile is it just the metal stalk that moves up and down or is it the entire upper earcap that swivels down with the stalk in it?

I had always thought that it was just the metal stalk but a recent pic of boba showing the earcap out of place made me wonder. I have never owned a DP so I wasn't sure which way was correct as I plan on doing this with my fiberglass version I wanted to get it right.

Thanks for your help.
I'm not sure what photo you are referring to, but just the metal stalk moves up and down-- not the entire earpiece cover.

Got a copy of that picture?
Sure thing its big so I don't want to post here but the link is below. Its on the ref cd, just looks a little askew which made me question what I had believed to be true. It probably just came loose from the helmet on display.
I just wanted to make sure.


here is the link pic # 626
Ah yes, that infamous photo. That's pretty much just tour helmet abuse. Its become dislodged a bit like the visor on the MOM ROTJ helmet.
Thanks fettish I tried to link directly to it but all I got was the small version of the pic, much too tiny to see what I was talking about. I figured as much Ty I just had to make sure.

Thanks for the help.
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