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Hi all just a quick post to show my Mandalorian rangefinder.
I have created it so that it is in a Kit form that alolows for electronics to be used to light up the rangefinder at the top of the stock.
The entire kit if molded from an original Pepakura file of which i am using to create my first ever bucket.
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Hopefully you can see in the pic (sorry using phone to post at moment) but the main stock has a hollow metal rod in it which allows wire to go the full length of the stock. The main upper part is hollowed out which has enough space to put small circuits into and this is then sealed with a top piece to enclose and hide all the inner workings.

More pics to follow and if i can get it to do it i am going to be adding a video showing my first prototype opetrating.

I've assembled one of the kits and although it's not entirely movie accurate when it flashes I've managed to make it work pretty good and it's the first step in my own Mandalorian outfit.

Please comment etc and let me know if anyone is interested in these so I know if it's worth going ahead making kits. (minus the electronics in the main rangefinder)
Thanks for looking
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