Rage Finder Servo question?!!! need help, PLEASE!! =)


Lucas Alvarez

HI everyone!

I use a -Hobbico- Micro Sub Servo in the rage finder but I think the range finder is heavy for the little one!!!

My range finder is a mixture. The top is from a regular Don Post ( the plastic light one, with empty inside ) and the stalk is a custom aluminum that´s only one inch large than the regular Don post. I add an inch because the regular DP stalk looks to short to me. The helmet is a "Mistery" one.

Also i need some ideas to fit the servo in the helmet.
If you have pic´s please will be better!!!
Feel free to mail me to:

Thank´s in advance!

Lucas Alvarez
Tk/Tb 2111
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Gracias por la bienvenida!!!
Soy miembro de hace rato pero no muy activo =P

Me gusta lo classico y por ende Boba Fett es lo mas!!!


I used a servo that i picked up at the local ACE Hardware that just happened to carry model airplane parts(go figure)and the name and model number escape me, but the micro car directions that were posted somewhere on the board didn't work for me since i'm not what you'd call an electronically inclined genius(hack artist is a much better description)I also used the circuit board from a larger R/C car that i got at Wal Mart and ran the servo and RF LED's into an on/off switch and use a 9V to power everything together....Frankenstein meets Boba.....
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