Quick! helmet questions!

Hey guys, I know neither is astounding in quality, but I'm looking at two ebay auctions that each end in an hour: one's for the Rubies Jango helmet, the other is for the Rubies Boba helmet.....Is there any difference in the two other than the obvious color scheme variations? It appears that the Jango one has a full T visor where the Boba one only has half, with the rest plastic. I'm using this to make a custom mando, so it will be painted either way. I'm more concerned with any differences in build quality or size, etc. Thanks guys!
Well, if there's any place on the internet to feel like a big geek. . . this is it!! :D

Superjedi--Geek and Proud!

But this is the place for the cool geeks, the one important thing to allways keep in mind is the higherarchy among geeks.

For example, I love star trek, But I will not pretend to have a ship or that I am an admiral of an imaginative fleet. Dressing as star wars characters doesn't freak people out as much because everyone knows they don't "Believe" that they really are the character they're portraying
there are alot of really nice "rubies to rupies" threads on here man...my helmet was a jango rubies and it came out really sweet...in my and my friends opinion...i mean, it wont hold a candle to some of the helmets here..not by a long shot, but hey..im sure u didnt pay 400+ for it either, enjoy man

"rubies to Rupies....not bad, eh? eh?
if you think buying the stuff is geeky, try wearing it for 4 hours

nothing beats boba fett on campus during halloween

Well I'm excited now to get home for Thanksgiving break and get my new helmet! I dont really know what to expect, since Ive heard mixed reviews about these Rubies helmets, but for what Im looking to do it should suffice. I know there are countless threads on here about painting, but since Im NOT looking to make an authentic movie colored helmet, but rather a custom job (in mostly black) would high grade spray paint do the job? Or should I consider something else. Again, Its going to be mostly black/gray with some minor weathering. Thanks for any input guys

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