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Hi! I'm brand new here, and am interested in trying my hand at a cardboard (thanks WizardofFlight for the templates and Honus for the inspiration) question though, regardless of cardboard or sintra...I assume you glue the template down and cut it out of your material, but what then after that? Do you remove it, and if so how? If not, do you just paint over it? Thanks!
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There are some great threads in here about scratch-building a helmet. I'm in the planning stages also. Member SD68 has a very detailed thread about his scratch-built bucket. He used a baseball batting helmet as the dome. There is a ton of talent on this forum! Everyone has been very helpful. If you have any questions about the template, just post them or PM someone. This may help you; one person, I forget who, used super glue and baking soda as filler instead of bondo. I haven't gotten to that stage, but it is obviously cheaper and would have less fumes. Good luck and plz post pics of your progress. :)


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Or put the template in a laser like I do :)

But anyways, you do want to just print it out, tape it to your object or material, then using an x-acto blade, lightly score around the line. Once you have cut through the paper, it will leave the score onto the object, then you can remove the paper and score deeper. You don't want to cut straight through the cardboard or sintra, you want to lightly go over again and again with the x-acto blade so it will give you a smooth and clean edge.


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Interesting. I used a rolling cutter availible in the craft section to cut my templates out. It's like a pizza cutter razor blade. It was much easier than exacto knifes on mat backer board (cardboard) and it followed a straight edge better. Although I still needed to use exato for small details like cutting the keyholes.