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Ladies, when making your vest/armor, have you found it necessary to use shoulder pads, or something else, to widen your shoulders? I'm just getting started on a Boba costume, so I don't have a bucket yet, but I don't want to start making my vest/armor and find out later that my shoulders aren't proportionate. I'm not particularly tiny, about 5'6". I would rather "fix up" a DP helmet and have to figure out shoulder remedies than make a smaller fiberglass helmet from scratch. Or does it usually turn out all right without doing anything at all? Thanks for your help!
Welcome to the board :)

I think if you use a DP helmet you'll be ok. They are typically smaller than a lot of the buckets used by us guys here. It would be my guess that it would look just about right on someone your height.

Have fun!
first at all
welcome aboard
second not only the beautyful girls on this board can help .... wath ... all girls are goodess ... or not :)

about the Q?:confused

you can make your own armor, make to your size, and dont worry abou the helm, DP are small rubies too but we(the guys) have big heads :lol: and the helms dont fix good, but the other way the don post on girls looks very well try to get a '95 recast or a '95 original :)
So, I would look better in a girl's costume??? :lol: :lol:.

I'm only 5'6", but have a big head. Does this mean I'll be a walking mushroom? I can see it now; teenagers trying to "tip" me, slight breezes smashing me into buildings, guys with sombreros crowding around me for shade. Good thing I'm cute, or I'd be one sorry dude. :love
Hmmm....well, I hope you're right. My understanding, though, is that the DP Boba helmets are larger than the Rubies Jango? I borrowed Soju's Jango helmet, and it really doesn't leave much room for my shoulders. I look like a little kid playing dress-up in daddy's armor! *sigh*
How wide are your shoulders? I don't remember exactly, but I think a DP 95 or 97 is about 9.25" wide (I'll have to measure when I get home) much does that leave you on each side?
My shoulders measure exactly 15 inches so that leaves me....about 2.5 inches on either side? Looking at the reference CD, I guess that's enough. I guess the Jango helmet looks ridiculous because I'm wearing t-shirt & jeans underneath. Thanks! :D
Sure! I just checked a couple of my helmets:
Don Post 95 - 9 1/8" ear to ear on the outside
Don Post 97 - 10" ear to ear on the outside
Just in case she doesn't catch this thread, My Only Fettish did have to pad her shoulders and I think her abs to hide her awesome curves. :p Helmet-wise. I think she has a 96 DP and it seems to be proportioned well for her.
:D I'm no lady :lol: But I'm not as tall as Fett myself ... more like a compact version :lol: But seriously ... I think making things proportionate to you is the key. If you get armor that is too big, then it will look too big. It doesn't matter how big you are, just that everything fits once you put everything on. You just have to make it fit you. You'll have a back plate+collar plate on, so shoulder pads don't really do too much.
Couldn't a lil less angle to the "sleeve thingies" make them stick out straighter, and thus, give the impression of wider shoulders? Of course, if the shoulder bells are heavy enough, this wouldn't work. But, if they were sintra or some other lightweight material...?

*Edit*Or what about making the vest itself a wee bit wider?
Wow. You guys are great. I did PM My Only Fettish, 'cause I noticed that while the picures I was looking at on the CD look like there wasn't much shoulder room, she has quite a bit, and dang, her costume is cool. I was actually thinking the same thing about the shoulder bells. But if I could figure out how to pad my shoulders and abs enough, my husband and I could wear each others costumes! :) He's almost finished his Jango, and since he's 1" taller than me, we wear the same size shoes (okay, I have big feet :facepalm), and I often borrow his pants, I see no reason why we can't both be Jango OR Boba :lol: Hopefully MOF will tell me how she did it. So are any of you from the northwest?
"...So are any of you from the northwest?"

Of what? :lol: . j/k

It would be great logistically if the two of you could interchange costumes. It'd certainly cut down on time and money, while still having a suit of each style. Great idea unless you only have one Fett and the other a slave Leia.
...I'm wondering if all this extra padding is necessary. It seems from all those who responded, that the armor pretty much covers-up/conceals any gender-specific details. I guess the only ones who are really qualified to answer are the ladies that this thread is addressed to. From the pics that I have seen of them, they have some dy-no-mite outfetts.
...This was actually a pretty useless post. :( sorry you all had to read it. ...I DID go out looking for vest material today, though. :)
Big b:eek::eek:bs can make your chest armor sit funny on your vest. Proportioned padding may be a necessity if you fit into this category.
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:lol: no, I don't have that problem with my chest. I can (unfortunately) easily flatten it. I just wanted to use padding to give me a man's broad shoulders. Even smaller guys have broader shoulders than a girl. My husband (herafter known as Soju), again, is only an inch taller than me, but his shoulders are 2" wider, and he has a larger torso. 2" might not sound like much, but it definitely makes a difference when I try on his vest/armor. It literally hangs off me. So I guess I'd need a lot of padding, eh? Hmmm....sounds very warm, to me. Maybe this isn't a good idea after all... ;)
That last post said alot, I think. Perhaps the question is not about WIDER shoulders as much as it is about SQUARER shoulders. Try putting a folded-up hand towel(or two)on top of your shoulders before putting the vest on to somewhat "square-off" the angle. If this works, after you get the idea you may be able to whip-up something removeable out of foam. Hot; maybe. Cheap; alot cheaper than a whole new outfett. Try it and decide. :)
How about building up the under carriage of the vest with sintra? You know, kinda have it strategically hidden in areas where you think you need to fill out. One thing to remember is the body heat build up if you are going with the padding. For me, the vest with all the accessories on it made me sweat worse than a sponge dipped in a bucket of water. Like Mega..( sorry dude, I can't spell it all:)) said something about a possible Hot problem. Maybe by shaping sintra in certain areas might also give you an additional benefit of "lifting" the shoulder & torso area off of you to gain a breathing area under your vest. Just an idea. Sorry for the run on sentences.:D
Honestly, I haven't even thought about this. I guess when I had my vest and jumpsuit on, everything looks in proportion. I think that is the main thing, if your armor and helmet, etc are in proportion to your body, then you may not need to pad anything. A lot of it will depend on you frame as well.
The "lack of shoudlers" problem is why I'm using a Rubies Jango instead of my 96 DP. (I'm 5'10" but stick skinny if that helps give you an idea.) Of course, I'm also making a custom costume so the decision to switch was more personal preference than anything else. *shrug*
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