Question about the Dickies Jump Suit


I was looking at the dickies jump suits. There is a short sleeve jump suit and a long sleeve jump suit. Which one should I buy. I am doing, a ROTJ fett.
ROTJ is the version I am doing. I bought 2 long sleeved ones. I took the sleeves off one, hemmed the others and attached them both. I then used the rest of the cut up set to make shin and thigh pouches.

I think what most folks do is buy two coveralls, a long sleeved one and a short sleeved one. I eneded up sewing the short sleeves over the long sleeves.

BFett88 wrote:

If I bought the short sleeve one. How hard would it be to find fabric that mached for the long sleeves underneath?


I tried that.I got a close match but you can still tell they are 2 different colors.
It looks pretty decent.The sleeves and pouches are a little lighter.Saved some cash on another jumpsuit though.I paid 3 bucks for a yard of fabric at the local fabric store to make the sleeves and pouches.

Darth Flan wrote:

Where did you get the jumpsuit and what color is the ROTJ version??


If you'll do a search in here for a thread called "those who went the dickies route" or something like that, there are multiple sites listed that sell these particular items.

ROTJ - Most people buy the gray and then bleach them the color they want. 100% cotton works better if you want to remove the color somewhat.

I bought Red Kapps. Well made stuff, but I wanted the ESB blue. DO NOT BUY THE POSTMAN BLUE FROM RED KAPPS. The picture shows it as a bright blue, but it is almost navy. Perfect for Jango, but NOT for ESB Fett.

I'm still trying to get the blue lightened up...
Don't forget it is not just the sleeves you need, but the shin tool pockets and thigh pockets as well.

Buy two work suits and you'll save yourself alot of aggrivation of buying one and trying to get material to match.

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