question about scaleing

I resently got some templates but forgot who from, lol. Question is on one set it says 6" scale on another 2" scale. Does it mean that for every 2 inches it equals 1 inch when converting it to size? I'm not to savvy on these things.
Well, I know on WOF's templates, he uses a scale of usually 5 inches, which should match up to 5 inches when printed out as well. I guess it depends on how the person who made them intended them to be.
Another question I got is that I see alot of .070 and 3m what is the conversion of them. Like what 3mm = .??? = 1/8th inch. Im going to buy supplies soon and when ever I say 3mm they are just as clueless as me :) they usally say we got 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 etc...
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