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I am making my Armor out of PVC Sheets. I am going to use an oval-shaped trashcan for the chest armor. How should I shape the upper back plate? Also, does anyone know what angle the lower flaps fold in? Thanks.

I would like to get it as close to Richie's Armor as possible so I will be using his shape as a guide.

These are pics that you can find at richiesarmor.com.

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A trick I found for shaping, is those kerosene heaters. I put my pieces right on the top of the cage for a few minutes, then you can take them off and shape them real well. I got one like this-
Indeed I do. I have a heatgun that nearly metled my wifes cutting board while testing a small piece of PVC. It will definately do the trick.

I think I have an idea of how I can shape this thing. I'm going to make a mockup using foam board and LOTS of duct tape and shape it over that. That way I can get all the angles and curves I want before heating the PVC.
I bought a heat gun to do my armor and the gun sparked and caught my hand on fire along with the heat gun. The dealer refused to take the gun back despite the fact that this was the first time I used it. I have never bought another one.
Instead I use the hot water trick.
without cutting into the backplate you'll be creating it is impossible to shape it in the desired backplate form.

you can't wrap a sheet of paper around a football without fold lines.

you are going to have to cut into the plate and glue it back together, bondo it and smooth sand it.

I did the same with a trash can and it worked ok.

had to cut most of the back out though in order to relieve stress on the other curves in the backplate.

but ah well, it was covered by the jet pack for 80% anyways, so who cares? :p

good luck!! and keep us posted, any and all methods on creating backplates for us folks without direct acces to fiberglassing etc are more then just a little welcome :)
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