Proper paint for a Rubies?

Zarek Vor

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Hello everyone. I need some advice on painting a Rubies Boba bucket for my wife. I've never worked with vinyl before, and I'd like to find out a few things before I have to start on it.

1) If I properly sand and primer, will enamel paint from a rattle can hold on the vinyl? I found one thread that said silver enamel could be a problem.

2) What is the best material, durability wise, for filling in the dent? And can filler be applied to smooth out the irregularities on the dome?

Any information is appreciated. I didn't have a lot of luck searching for these specific matters. Although a lot of the threads showing the work of TDH members have been very informative. This site and its members' work are great.

Buck Navillus

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I've had a bad experience trying to paint Rubies products.

I found a website for a guy who painted his deluxe Rubies Vader shoulder armor piece. I tried it and it repeatedly bubbled up despite being sanded, cleaned and primed multiple times by two different people. Finally, my buddy who is a dealer got a hold of somebody at Rubies who said that some pieces may have had an oil based product used in the manufacture. I just heard over the weekend that the same thing happened to a friend with Rubies their AT-AT helmet.


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I can't really help much with the paint question. I've only done up fiberglass helmets. However, my motto is "If the primer holds, the paint will hold." As long as you have a really good layer or more of primer then you shouldn't have to worry to much about the paint holding. My suggestion is put the primer on, then see if you can scratch it off easy. Also, use self etching primer, it's got the best adhesion properties out of any type of primer.

For filling in dents, resin is probably gonna be the best for plastic. It comes in a green can and sits on the shelf with Bondo in Advanced Auto. Get the resin jelly as I've found that the easiest to work with so far. If your gonna use alot then you may need to buy a large tube of hardner.

Zarek Vor

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NovallTalon...Thanks for the resin info. I've not done any filler work other than on woodworking projects, so I didn't have a clue for the vinyl. And I pretty much share your opinion on the primer. I just thought I might have been able to get some helpful info beforehand. It's still going to be a little while before I start on the wife's helm, anyway.