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This is a topic that alot of us should read first, before we start on our costumes. We all have used spray paints, cut sintra, sanded plastics,resins,bondo and fiberglass. I do use a dust mask when sanding but when the dust settles i take it off, but iam sure there are still fine particles still lingering and that concerns me. I guess cleaning up after cutting Sitra is wise, istead of letting the dust sit there for days.

I used this modeling putty and never paid attention to the health warning on it. The brand name is Squadron White Putty. Its say the vapor is harmful and it contains TOLUENE, this can cause liver,brain and kidney damage. It causes birth defects. Then when you sand this product, i really believe your lungs will not be happy. Some of us that are starting a family or adding to it, must becareful
what products we are using.

So we should have new members and old members thinking safety. What equipment should be worn, dust mask, eye protection,etc... Also what products to stay away from, also what ingriedients to be cautious of.

Please add any safety concerns,tips or ideas....I know this might be a very boring topic but it i think its very important.
How dangerous is Sintra when you cut it and sand it? I was under the impression that it was bad only when heated.
There is a book called "Stage Fright" that is all about the toxic things used in construction for theater and film. You would be amazed at the toxic crap that we suck up every day.
It gives all kinds of lists for toxic materials and how to protect yourself from them.

See also...
i have been thinking about this subject myself lately.i try to wear a dust mask or respirator when working now.i have noticed when i cut and sand sintra, it aggravates my astma every time...not good for my lungs.

kinda makes you wonder what the long term effects are from our hobby.
When sanding fiberglass, always besure to wear a white resperator mask, not the thin white cheap dust masks, but the rhick white specially made dust masks made for fiberglass. When that dust gets in your lungs and it will never leave, ever.

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