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Well this thread has certainly been an interesting read! I will echo what other members have said but I definitely think a lack of communication from prop makers/sellers is problematic. Those that are ordering items are using their hard earned cash, upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars, in order to buy something they really enjoy - so they are justified in wanting communication in regards to how that money is being implemented towards that end product. This could be as simple as pictures or a text saying everything is on track or even a message stating "hey man, x,y, or z happened so I am running behind on orders but I will get it done."

I make custom orders and always strive to get them done within the deadline, though some builds are more complicated than others. However, 'real' life does and can happen and or our actual job (for example I am a full time occupational therapist and part time athletic trainer - so actual job occasionally requires weekend work which cuts into hobby/prop time) tend to make meeting set deadlines a little difficult. That being said, I try to put myself in both the vendor and buyers shoes which is why I always tend to over communicate (though admittedly I only take on 1 to 2 commissions at a time which makes that way easier).

The whole payment aspect of selling props can get a little tricky. I used take a down payment upfront of half the final cost and then would have the customer send the rest once they had their prop in hand (as I get that it's scary to pay someone with no "guarantee" they will ship it). Unfortunately, I have since changed that and now ask for the second half prior to shipping as I have been burnt a couple of times even with numerous reminders of final payment and messages back saying "I'll get you next paycheck."

This seems fairly ramble-y but I guess what I am trying to say is that communication is a 2 way street. In order to keep this a healthy community of Fett (now also The Mandalorian) lovers, both buyers and sellers should aim for more fluid and dynamic communication. Life happens on both ends which can make it hard to finish props but also hard to pay for them fully upfront. I try to do my best and work with people but it's hard to point fingers or get upset if both sides communicate as there will be evidence that proves other wise (if it ever needed to come to that)


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Well then they need to create a special tag for you then.
Aww, that's nice of you but I don't really need it.
I think your reputation is firmly established. In any event, I'm not sure how effective the preferred section is and I doubt it would stop the default recommendations that seem to come your way whenever soft parts are required.
Thank you so much! I appreciate all the recommends that come my way. Sewing for you guys has been so beneficial to me and my family, I love this community!


Hey All,

I want to stay away from the negative in this post, of which I'm sure plenty of us have had those experiences in some form when ordering items, and post something positive. Someone already mentioned Arkady was awesome, which she is, so I wanted to mention and shout out to Darth Voorhees here. He's always updating on who is next in his build list, constantly communicating any delays, answers IM's in record speed, and is a genuinely good human being to work with. Thanks for the amazing service Voorhees! We appreciate you!

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....... I wanted to mention and shout out to Darth Voorhees here. He's always updating on who is next in his build list, constantly communicating any delays, answers IM's in record speed, and is a genuinely good human being to work with. Thanks for the amazing service Voorhees! We appreciate you!

Wow, thank you so much Matt. I REALLY appreciate that :) I like to be as transparent as possible, and am always available for updates. Im glad you appreciate what i do and my efforts to be a good vendor! I hope i can continue to make all the Fettheads i can happy!


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Much like what mattman1138 said, I also try to avoid the negativity in the posts and try not to get caught up in the drama. Being a guy in my 40's, life's too short for negativity - so I tend to not give it the time of day. That said, I do however appreciate constructive criticism - which very often leads to positive advice.
I'm also a veteran ('94 to '04 - US Army - Combat Engineer) and love supporting our veterans businesses, but I also agree that vendors should take the responsibility in replying back to requests - and also I'm aware that life does (more often than not) have that tendency to get in the way when conducting and handling business. I also value and respect - not only my own but others - family life which trumps this (and any) hobby - in my opinion. But on the other end, how hard is it to come up with a quick reply? Even if you don't really know how to answer the question you're being asked. So, something like this:
Q: Hi, I'm just checking on the status of my item I ordered from you?
A: Thanks for checking in, let me check with the shop and I'll get back with you soon.
It's been said many times that a little bit of communications goes a long ways and even the above reply would be appreciated as opposed to <Crickets Chirping>.

I think it also helps to do research on vendors as well, which in turn will help you draw your own conclusions. Based on my research, I landed on "Arkady", "MoW Studios" and "Boba Maker" as my "Primary Weapons Contractor's" ;). My experiences with them, I can report that Carole, Christian and Daz, are all great communicators. And yes, while sometimes the wait times can be long, I'm also of the belief - you get what you pay for!

I haven't come across anyone here on this forum that has appeared aggressive or negative in my dealings - and hope not to. Thus far, just a group of great guys on here, willing to collaborate and support one another!

...just my two cents anyway.

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