final masterpiece!


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OK...this is the last ESB bucket I will ever do. I really mean it this time! This is probably the 5th or 6th Boba helmet I've done, I lose track. Anyway, it's a Sarge helmet with a Bobamaker hollow rangefinder and electronics YET. I started this thing last fall some time, and have really taken my time with it. No decals... all hand painted. Screwed in the visor this time around too. I took the pics without a flash so I hope the colors are pretty true, pity I have to lower the resolution to post them, it looses a lot of the subtle detail.






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Well, there are new horizons to explore beyond the ESB Boba. I've got a Rubies supreme Vader helmet on the table that needs to be modded and painted up. I'd like to possibly do a Jango helmet. There's a really nice Ep III clone helmet maker out there and, who knows, maybe I'll do a ROTJ Boba some day!