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phantom viper

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I have always liked the sketch of this prepro fett so I based the design of my custom Jet pack. I started to think about making the whole costume. So I started on the chest pieces to see how they would come out. I think that they look pretty good. I may go ahead and try and make the whole costume in the future. What do you guys think? :D
<img src= Pack/preconcept.jpg>
<img src=>
I formed the pieces today and did a test fit with my jump suit and vest. I really like this armor. The shape is great. Seems to fit well to my frame. I may just use this for my custom.:D
<img src=>
That is awesome! Have you come up with a new color pattern for them (for your custom), or are you sticking with concept white?

Funny thing- I'm sitting here looking at my Ultimate Optimus Prime, and that armor design is reminding me of a Manga version of his chest (if the center piece were the grille, and top pieces the windows).
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