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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by zsherman, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. zsherman

    zsherman Jr Member

    Okay, so I can't seem to find anything on this so if it's been covered, I apologize. Is the PrePro #2 vest leather? It sure as heck seems like it! Thoughts?
  2. KaanE

    KaanE Active Member

    All the vests were made with the same material by the same company.
  3. GCNgamer128

    GCNgamer128 Sr Member

    What makes you think it's leather?
  4. baronvonblondle

    baronvonblondle New Member

    straight and informative answer anyone?

  5. clonecollector

    clonecollector Active Member

    It appears shiny in some pics so that's why you might think its leather.
  6. Dahone

    Dahone Member

    At first I thought it to be of a different material too....almost a windbreaker nylon or something.....but apparently tackle-twill, depending on how it's weathered, can give off a real high sheen. I have some swatches of all my viable PP2 fabric options that I still need to test (dyeing/weathering). I'll gladly share my results.
  7. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Tackle twill will be very shiny with a flash...
  8. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Well-Known Member

    True, it is shiny when new
    Here's my Tackle Twill Vest prior to any weathering
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  9. Lufo1138

    Lufo1138 Member

    all the vests were apparently made from poly-pro twill, also referred to as tackle twill, which is a 100% polyester twill fabric.... which in a very real sense IS just like an outdoor windbreaker material as a lot of outdoor jackets/coats use polyester or polyester/nylon blends in their shells. It is also interesting to note that the vest was actually referred to as a "jacket" in the wardrobe breakdown sheet for the Fett costume list, not a vest.

    So the shine is from polyester, which can have a wide variety of sheen depending on the production process. It can be very shiny or very dull, but when weathered and photographed with just the right lighting, it can mimic the shine of leather like it does in some of the pp2 photos. But it's not actually leather.
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  10. baronvonblondle

    baronvonblondle New Member

    now THAT'S an answer!


  11. zsherman

    zsherman Jr Member

    Thanks guys! I knew we'd get to the bottom of this one, once and for all. I mean seriously, look at this--


    --that totally, with sheen, the way is bends, looks like leather! I'm glad to know it's not. Here's another question. What were these gloves? "Real Gloves?" Is that a brand or something? I know about the patches, but look at these--


    --are these fan-made? Or are these store-bought this way? I know the patches, who made these gloves, do you think?
  12. webchief

    webchief Well-Known Member

    The "Real Gloves" are a brand name given by the maker of them. They are not store bought but made by a TDH craftsman.
  13. zsherman

    zsherman Jr Member

    Do you know who made the gloves pictured above?
  14. NorCalCap

    NorCalCap Member

    Yes, who or where would one look to obtain a pair of the PP2 style gloves?

    STEVE HARRIS Active Member

    I made these gloves, The Real Gloves and found a stash in my storage, five pairs of Pre Pro and one pair of ROTJ : )

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