Postition of speakers for a mic?


Where do you put you speaker or speakers in your fet helmet. I have a mic in a trooper helmet but it has no static burst I think so I want to switch it. It has two little speakers that are in the aearators on the trooper helmet but I have no clue where to install them in my fett helmet.

Katua Fett

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I concur about the knowledge of where most put the speaker. I was thinking myself that i would put it under my armor where the chest LED display would usually be but it would just be wire mesh with the speaker behind it.


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UUMMMMMMM,,,, well,,,, I dont know of anyone that dose.

I just have the head set with the speaker in one of my pouches.


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I have a friend that made the holes in the borden connector, on the left side, go all the way. So, that there are 3 small holes and then put the speaker behind that. Then on the other side where the rectange is he also cut that out and put a speaker behind it. Then wired it all with his RS voice amp. It works very well.


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if you do that though your going to want to "cover" the speakers to help with the feedback squeeling that generally happens whan you mount a speaker too close to the mic. depending on how large of a diameter your speakers are, you can try mounting them in one of the small plastic medicine dispencer cups off of a niquil bottle (or pepto bismal, or childs Ibuprofin medcine bottle, these are just examples but generally look for one thats actual thick plastic)

Stuff a little foam in there to help keep the speaker from rattling around and also to help damper the feedback further. Then mount them in the helmet.

I suppose you could also try and make one yourself out of any spare styrene, ABS, or sintra you have laying around too.

Just a suggestion