possible neoprene source

It looks like an alternative to those who don't get in on the custom neoprene fabric run that ZamIAm is doing. .... with a couple of reservations.

1) The "standard" purples they offer aren't close to the "Zam" purple, which is much more muted, grayed down. You'd have to get a custom color match to get a more "Zam" like color.

2) The neoprene comes in sheets, which you would have to take into consideration when constructing the costume - I think we each got 5 yards of material in the first run. The sheets on the clearance section were about 4 by 7.5 feet, so you'd need at least 2 sheets depending on how you constuct the costume.

3) Is this neoprene lined? ZIA's was lined for comfort ...

4) Check out the company before buying anything from them. They could be great... they could be awful. Get quotes and get it in writing before sending any money.

Other than that - Thanks for the link! It's always good to have more options and more information!
Closed cell=non-breatheable neoprene. If it's gonna be on a mannequine I'd say, you could be happy, If it's going to be on you, you'd totally want to rethink that. Remember, neoprene is ultimately for insulation for heat retention. My neoprene run is for open cell = breathable. YES, I am talking life or death situations too. I almost passed out at Dragon Con from heat exhaustion, Maulmaus's roommate was a nurse and saved my life. And that was with BREATHABLE neoprene. If you had closed cell (for swimmers et al.), the rate of passing out would be a LOT faster. Heck, I would just go with some heavy spandex with the right color rather than even THINK about closed cell neoprene.
im not really sure of the fabric choices because i havnt been in contact with thempersonally yet...the site says the fabric section is under construction...i plan on calling and discussing it with them...i really dont need my wife passing out on me either and that is one of the reasons i had suggested riding pants and a spandex sirt dyed to match the right colors...i know it wouldnt be "screen accurate" and perfect but i guarentee when it was done it would look so close that without touching it you would never know....its kinda funny cause everyone in the 501st said i would never get my rubies vader to look good and it was a waste of time...after about a third of the cost of most other vaders and a lot of hard work and ingenuity...i was accepted and have got nothing but huge completments on my ROTS vader....its amazing what can be done for less cash and with a little imagination....After all im not looking to end up with a museum piece...im looking to get her into a really sweet looking zam costume so she can troop and have fun
I am talking about thick spandex though. You have to have a really really heavy spandex. The only problem is that the thick spandex has a thicker weave and will not give the same sheen look nor the "bulky" effect when you are walking in it. Thinner spandex with the right sheen/color has to be sewn as all in one suit or you will have everything on God's green earth riding up on her. Or, you'd have to have some kind of foam backing. UGH, fine, I will open up the list one more month...
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